New Year's Weekend Safety Patrol

Hattiesburg, Miss. - New Year’s Eve is a day away and police wants everyone to enjoy themselves, but in a responsible way.

Hattiesburg Police Officer, Lt. Jon Traxler said, "The big thing we want to ask the public is to be a responsible. Don't drink and drive. We're going to be out there. If you have a wreck and you're DUI, even if it's someone else's fault, you stand the chance of going to jail for DUI. The last thing you want is to have that crash and be DUI. Somebody can be seriously injured or killed because that is a much stiffer penalty."

Officers will be patrolling around the clock.

Traxler said "we've got officers that's going to be on the streets 24-7. Our regular patrol shifts as well as some tracking units and stuff. Our specialized details is going to start around 7 o'clock and continue on until Monday morning. So throughout the weekend, we're going to have different things going on to be able to combat the drunk drivers, identify them, and take them into custody, and hopefully save a life. That's our main goal."

The Hattiesburg Police Department is working with Highway Patrol and other local agencies to conduct road blocks over the holiday weekend.

Traxler said "don't be surprised if they're not driving regular marked police cars as well. So again, just stay off the roads. If you're partying, have a designated driver, have another way home, or have some way of making contact with somebody to come and get you."

Lt. Traxler said if you see a drunk driver please do not hesitate to call 911 and if possible, a full description of the driver and the tag number of the car will help a lot.



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