A Golden Eagle Sinkhole?

Hattiesburg, Miss. - A sinkhole was spotted on the USM campus Tuesday morning.

A USM trash truck driver noticed the hole in a parking lot near Scianna Hall and notified officials.

Chris Crenshaw, Associate vice president of facilities, planning, and management said, "Right now it's full of water so we're trying to remove the water, pump the water out so that we can get an idea on the size of the void underneath the concrete. Once the water is removed, we'll get an idea of how far this sinkhole goes and if it goes into the street. Because if it's contained in the parking lot area, then we'll keep the street open. Right now, we've taken the precaution to close the street until we can determine the size of the sinkhole."

Crenshaw said he believes the sinkhole was caused by a sewer line collapse, but cannot confirm it until worker’s finish removing material.

Crenshaw said it's okay for students and faculty to use Scianna Hall.

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