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Total of eight indicted in connection with death of two HPD officers

HATTIESBURG, Miss - Six more suspects were indicted from the May 9 police officer shootings of Benjamin J. Deen, 34, and Liquori Tate, 25.

The six suspects that were indicted are Abram Wade Franklin, Aquanette L. Alexander, Douglas Diquan McPhail, Jimmy Velton Brady, Jr., Cornelius Michael Clark, and Curtis T. Banks.

According to the indictment Abram Wade Franklin, 29, "...unlawfully, willfully, feloniously, and with the intent to hinder the prosecution of Curtis Banks." Franklin concealed from officers that Banks was hiding in his attic.

Aquanette L. Alexander, 19, and Douglas Diquan McPhail, 21, were indicted for conspiracy and hindering prosecution in the first degree. The indictment mentions that both were involved in hiding the alleged shooter, Marvin Bank's shirt.

Jimmy Velton Brady, Jr., 22, sold a stolen firearm to Marvin Banks. The indictment reads, "...unlawfully, willfully, felonuously sell or transfer to Marvin Banks, a stolen firearm, to wit: a Smith and Wesson .40 Caliber Handgun, the property of Jimmy Brady, Sr."

Cornelius Michael Clark was indicted on hindering prosecution in the first degree. The indictment says, "...he disposed of the shirt that he was wearing when the shooting occured, that might aid in the discovery and apprehension, or conviction of Marvin Banks."

Curtis T. Banks, 26, the brother of Marvin Banks was indicted on accessory after the fact of capital murder.

Bank's indictment says, "Did unlawfully, willfully, and feloniously, conceal, aid and assist Marvin Banks knowing said Marvin Banks had commited the felony of Capital Murder, with the intent to enable said Marvin Banks to avoid arrest, trial, conviction or punishment after the commission of such felony, by transporting the said Marvin Banks from the area of the crime, and providing the said Marvin Banks with lodging at a motel in Hattiesburg, Mississippi."

Joanie Calloway, 22, and Broderick Varnado, 25, were indicted on Monday. Calloway was indicted on a multi count indictment for attempted accessory after the fact of capital murder and hindering prosecution. Varnado was indicted on a multi count indictment for accessory after the fact to capital murder and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

Calloway and Varnado have trial dates set in May.

The alleged shooter, Marvin Banks was pronounced dead at Forrest General Hospital early December. Banks was found in his cell unconscious.

Forrest County Coroner, Butch Benedict said Banks died from severe heart disease.



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