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MDEQ speculates beaver causes dam breach in Jones county

JONES COUNTY, Miss - A private dam on the 100 block of Lonesome Road in Jones county was fixed this morning by officials from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).

Jones county officials closed the road due to safety reasons, but reopened this morning.

Emergency Management of Jones county, Marda Tullos says, "They (surrounding neighbors) were not in any danger, they were either too far away or at an elevated surface."

MDEQ speculates that a beaver caused the breach.

Dusty Meyers Chief of Dam Inspection says, "Water was flowing through the dam most likely from an animal burrow caused by a beaver."

Meyers and his crew stopped the water from flowing by adding dirt into the burrow.

The water from the private dam did not seep into the roads, rather into a ditch on the county's property.

Jones County beat two workers cleared the culvert to allow any future rain water to subside.




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