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City council approves study for road infrastructure

HATTIESBURG, Miss - The City Council voted 5-0 to study the downtown roads. The goal is to improve the roadways to enhance parking in the downtown area.

According to their agenda, "Authorize mayor to execute agreement with Neel-Schaffer, Inc. to provide professional services for Traffic Impact Study and Main Street, Buschman Street, and Front Street Parking Striping for a cost not to exceed $36,250; execute duplicate."

This approval comes after a downtown traffic study a few years ago.

President Kim Bradley says, "The whole idea is that we had a study of the whole downtown traffic a few years ago, money was very expensive trying to redirect traffic to do away with one way streets...we are taking what we are learning from the study spending a litte more money trying to find something that is more feasible something we can afford."

After the new study the council anticipates to start the process with the downtown road infrastructure.



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