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DARE to be different?

Laurel, Miss. - The Laurel Police Department had its DARE graduation Friday at Laurel Middle School.

The students in the DARE program were sixth graders from Laurel Middle School.

Laurel Police Officer, Sergeant Shannon Caraway said, "When the kids actually write their DARE essays and they tell me some of the things they did not know about drugs and alcohol and how they take it back to their parents or their cousins or sisters, and tell them how much this stuff can harm you, that's rewarding. Because now they know. It's encouraging to me, because at least they know. Even if they venture off and get into drugs and alcohol, they still know the harmful effects of it. It's great because a lot of kids be like Sergeant Caraway, you remember me? You taught me DARE and they like, I had a friend that went down that way and I remember what you told me and what we learned and so it's good."

Sergeant Caraway has been doing this program for a dozen years and plans to keep educating the youth, in hopes for a better life.



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