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Wayne county deputies receive funds for life-saving equipment

WAYNE COUNTY, Miss - A state grant and collaboration between local churches raised $30,000 for the Wayne County Sheriff's Department to have new equipment and supplies, especially bullet proof vests.

The Sherrif's department has outdated bullet proof vests dating back from 1998. Those vest only partially cover the upper body, leaving their sides targeted.

A Mississippi state grant of $12,000 also benefited the department, the state had a response time of less than twenty-four hours approving the funds due to their outdated equipment.

The low funds even have some deputies using their personal belongings to protect the county.

Chief Deputy Mike Mazingo says, "Some of our deputies are carrying their own weapons, we need several types of different equipment."

Around 11 local Wayne county churches raised close to $18,000 for the department.

Steve Smith of First Baptist church says, "Well violence against law enforcement across the nation has risen dramatically. I know the Sheriff and I know they did not have these vests available to them and every time they pull somebody over they put themselves in harms way and we wanted to do everything we could to help protect them."

The department plans on buying 17 bullet proof vests in March each costing around $700. These vests will be up to date and cover the deputies' upper bodies completely.

Sheriff Jody Ashley mentions he thanks God for the continued support and help from the community.



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