Laurel dog recovers, owner forgets collar

LAUREL, Miss - The Southern Cross Animal Rescue (SCAR) in Laurel rescued a puppy, Lola, from her elderly owner.

Lola had a collar on her neck since she was a puppy, which was pressing into her skin as she grew.

The owner of the dog was an elderly woman suffering from dementia who lives by herself.

According to the Jones Couny Sheriff's Department the owner could not understand it was the collar harming Lola.

Toni Ezell of SCAR says, "Lola's neck had a very severe embedded collar that was taken off. In the meantime Lola will get all the care that she needs. She has been to the vet and now has her shots. It will take her awhile to heal probably a month or two, while she is here she will be spoiled rotten."

Lola's brother was also taken into SCAR, the mother of the puppies are still with the owner. SCAR will check on Lola's mother and will spay her.

SCAR says that the woman did not want to live alone and wanted one dog for company.

The owner is not facing any charges.

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