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Laurel family finds tornado remnants in front yard

LAUREL, Miss - It was a regular day of feeding the horses when Ruby Pruitt, homeowner, found a check from 1991 in her front yard.

"I just came out to the feed the horses and was walking around and I saw this piece of paper laying on the ground and I did not know what it was" says Pruitt.

After she told her husband about the check, it was later discovered the check was from Purvis, Mississippi and belonged to Mary Nell Purvis.

"My husband said that is where the tornado hit last week" says Pruitt.

The check belonged to the late wife of Harris Dale Purvis, 73, who died in the tornado last week.

The day after the tornado family members were rummaging through the remnants looking for important documents.

Purvis' sister-in-law, Joy Matheney, 53, mentioned her sister passed away the day after Hurricane Katrina.

Pruitt mentions she is planning on contacting family members to give the document back.

The family estimates the check traveled around 50 miles from Purvis.



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