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"Home of the Mississippi Rodeo"

Columbia, Miss. - The Marion County Historical Society collaborated with the Marion County Cattlemen's Association Friday and unveiled a painted canvas rodeo banner from the 1936 Columbia Rodeo.

The rodeo banner helped advertise the very first rodeo in Mississippi as well as the very first rodeo held at night under lights.

Lori Watts, President of Marion County Historical Society said, "It's just really a piece of work that encompasses several areas of history and we're very excited that we are able to display that here in Marion County. The gentleman who painted it did become such a well-known artist. He is a member of the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame. And we have a little bit of that history right here in Columbia connection too."

The cowboy and artist who made the "Home of the Mississippi Rodeo " banner was Earl Bascom.

The banner will be displayed in the Marion County Museum of Archive and History in downtown Columbia.



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