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Uncle Si Robertson raises money for Homes of Hope for children

LAUREL, Miss - A non-profit organization, Homes of Hope for Children held its 1st Annual Clay Shooting Tournament at Boots Smith Ranch to raise money for children who do not have an adequate living situation.

Executive Director of Homes of Hope for Children, Michael Garrett, says, "These kids are here, we are their home, we have Christian couples, that model to the children what a family is supposed to look like. This is where these kids are going to grow up, the are going to have their childhood memories and they are going to grow up as young adults here on our campus."

Participants received a picture and talked with Uncle Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty. He says,"When it comes to kids, I am all in."

Garrett, a former foster care child, says that Robertson is the one who came up with the idea.

"All the money we raise here today goes for the kids. Michael is the only one I know of in the childrens' home that will actually go to court on behalf of a child that is in a bad situation. He will foot the bill for the lawyers. To date everytime he has fought a case in court, he has actually won it."

Homes of Hope for Childrens' mission is to 'serve children in crisis throughout Mississippi by providing Christian homes to every child that lives on campus while ensuring that each child is loved unconditionally and has their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs met.'

One participant, Mit Cole says, "We just decided to be out here we are here for the kids to raise some money."

Robertson says, "There is a ten year old kid inside, screaming to get out, you know the bottom line is I refuse to grow up, that is what is going to be on my tombstone 'he died a kid'."

The event raised $105,000 and had 350 participants.



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