Safety tips to help guide you through flash flooding

Laurel, Miss. - Heavy rain hit the state periodically on Thursday and there will be more to come in the next couple of days.

Marda Tullos, Jones County Emergency Management Agency executive director said, "We are in an elevated threat risk with possibly 3-5 inches of rain and maybe more in local areas. But it would be not a continual thing.”

Tullos said “the heavy rain in a fast period of time could cause flash flooding as far as creeks. And creeks are fine, but flash flooding causes dangers on road ways.”

Tullos said “if you are in heavy rain driving, please just be very careful. If you have to go through them, go very slow very carefully. If you cannot see the road, if you can, turn around and don't go through that, because rain is very powerful."

Tullos said the heavy rain should stop on Saturday night and that sunshine is expected on Sunday.

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