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Laurel ranked top safest city to live, chief of police speaks

LAUREL, Miss - A recent report reveals that the City of Laurel is one of the top safest cities to live in the United States.

Laurel Chief of Police, Tyrone Stewart, said "I am going to be honest with you, we are a very aggressive and proactive police department." analyzed FBI and Census Bureau data to create an interactive map displaying the safest cities in the U.S. and Laurel is ranked number 8 in Mississippi for the greatest drop in burglary rate.

"We often go out and speak with our citizens, and that is why we encourage our officers to get to know the individuals that is roaming these streets" said Chief Stewart.

He said without the accessibility and rapport with citizens, Laurel would not be ranked one of the safest places in the U.S. to live in.

Chief Stewart added, "I want to applaud the citizens because the citizens are our eyes and our ears on the streets and without them, our job would be much tougher."

As of today Laurel Police Department is proud to say they have no homicide cases in the city for 2016.



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