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KKK roams through Laurel, causing concern

Laurel, Miss. - It has been noticed that Laurel is one of the safest places to live at.

However, people from one organization have been driving through random neighborhoods causing concerns.

Laurel Police Officer, Cpt. Tommy Cox said, "We started getting reports Monday morning that sometime in the overnight hours, suspects unknown had thrown leaflets, secreted in a Ziploc bag with sand in it to weigh it down, had thrown several out in the South Laurel area."

Suspects posted KKK fliers saying that they are endorsing Hilary Clinton for president.

Cox said "we've collected approximately 40 of them."

But police said this isn’t the first time stuff like this has been happening.

Cox said "it's obvious that we have somebody trying to cause trouble and you throw out something inflammatory like this and trying to cause trouble in one of the areas and we don't appreciate it. We're looking into it. We're going to see what possible charges, if any, we can bring."

If you know of any relevant information, please contact the Laurel Police Department.



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