Jones county man found alive in ditch

JONES COUNTY, Miss. - This is a press release statement from the Jones County Sheriff's Department.

Jerome Justin Boe, 40, was found overnight in Forrest County, on Peps Point Road, when a woman responded to her barking dog in the front yard.

Boe was lying in a ditch, beaten, naked and screaming for help. He said he was in a vehicle with some people, unaware they were going to turn him in to authorities, hoping for a reward.

When it was discovered there was no reward for Boe, the people in the vehicle stripped him of his clothing, beat him and left him at the side of the road.

He was taken to Forrest General Hospital and is now in the custody of Jones County Sheriff's Department to answer to charges of Aggravated Assault - Domestic Violence and Possession of Cocaine.

The incident is under investigation.

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