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USM professor weighs in on Mississippi's 3rd Zika virus case

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Mississippi now has its third Zika virus case.

One USM professor who is studying the Zika virus with the State Health Department provided some valued insight on to what is actually going on and what people can do to prevent an outbreak.

USM professor, Dr. Donald Yee said, "It's important to know that all of these cases have been travel related. So that is a stem from the fact that people here gone into areas where there's active Zika transmission going on and they've simply been bitten at that time and then traveled back to the United States.”

Yee said “CDC and the State Health Department here in Mississippi has been recommending that folks that are returning for instance, if you think you have it or if you've been to an area that has these kinds of outbreaks, that you avoid getting bit by mosquito's once you return here, because that's what will really set up a transmission cycle in the state itself."

Yee said 75 percent of people who have been affected with the Zika virus don't show symptoms. While the other 25 percent will show flu-like symptoms.



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