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LGBT community speaking against religious freedom bill

OAK GROVE, Miss. - The LGBT community is fighting against the recently passed House Bill 1523. They are speaking up in hopes that their voices will echo across Mississippi.

Protestor Dr. Douglas Chambers said, "Probably a majority of the people in Mississippi are for the law, but the majority cannot simply be a tyranny."

LGBT people argued their side of how the law allows businesses to discriminate against a specific group.

However Mississippi's Governor Phil Bryant justifies that the law he passed protects religious rights.

Another protestor, Jana Haynes made her point across that any sin is a sin nonetheless.

"...or the glutenous, or the divorcee, or at that point you cannot serve anybody that comes in your door because if it is a sin thing, you cannot serve anybody otherwise it is discrimination" said Haynes.

The LGBT community is thinking ahead on how to stop the law before it takes effect in July.

Devin Oneal said, "I am hoping that this is going to show the amount of hate and ridicule that these politicians and our everyday normal neighbors who are against religious freedom, even though they say that's religious freedom."

The community said Sunday that this is a fight they will not give up on and plans to host more events that speak against the law.



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