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The Junior Auxiliary donates a $1,000 and some toys to USM's Children's Center

Hattiesburg, Miss. - One great partnership between two organizations showcased why giving back can go a long way.

Members of the Junior Auxiliary and The Children's Center spent Wednesday morning together at USM for one special presentation.

Junior Auxiliary provisional member, Amanda Lee said, "We are donating a $1,000 check and several boxes of toys, educational developmental toys to The Children's Center."

The Junior Auxiliary were able to raise money from The Children's Center Classic and also took donations throughout its provisional year.

Samantha McCain, USM’s Children’s Center communications coordinator said, "Partnerships with organizations like J.A. (Junior Auxiliary) are what make what we do possible."

Providing these donations means a little bit more to one J.A. member.

Lee said "my daughter is a student here at The Children's Center and this place has meant so much to my family as well as so many other families locally. I was ecstatic to introduce my provisional class to The Children's Center and what they are about."

The new developmental toys will help out a lot of local kids.

McCain said "our therapists and our special educators go out to the community and visit daycare's to help train or see our children. And when we go there, some places don't have developmental toys. So we will work with these educators and those daycare's to put those toys in those specific places. So our reach will be far and wide, not specifically at the Center."



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