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JCJC gets a Bobcat statue

Ellisville, Miss. - JCJC unveiled something pretty cool on Wednesday.

Thanks to the fundraising effort between JCJC’s Alumni Association and its Student Government Association, the campus has a new Bobcat statue.

JCJC VP of Advancement, Charlie Garretson said, "We started this project back really in the early fall, about the time football season got underway. We just all thought for years that it would be great to have a bronzed mascot here on campus.”

Garretson said, “we actually purchased it and had it in storage since December. This summer we're going to be tearing up the area that we're standing. We have a grant from MDOT…turn all of this area into more of a pedestrian plaza, green space if you will. And pretty much right in front of the student center, not too far from where we're standing is where it's going to be."

Garretson said the statue will be permanently mounted on concrete and that the costs of the statue was about $7,800.



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