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West 7th Street fire

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Local home structures on West 7th Street caught on fire Thursday morning.

Fire investigator, Stephen Mooney said, "Approximately 1 a.m. Fire Department Dispatch received a call from a construction fire. Our crews responded to that fire and when they arrived on scene, 100 percent of the fire of the structure was fully involved with fire. The fire was starting to impinge, wind-driven fire onto the trailers that were adjacent to that structure. They made an aggressive attack to defend the trailers and suppress the fire.”

Mooney said “the investigation is in the beginning stages right now. We've gathered information from all the parties involved and we're going to move forward from there."

Mooney said there has been no reports of people being inside the structures at the time of the fire.

The department will start their initial dig out tomorrow.



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