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Child accidentally left in the back seat of a vehicle

Laurel, Miss. - A Wayne Farms employee is now being investigated for a situation that happened while she was at work.

Laurel Police Department Investigator, Layne Bounds said, "On April 29 at approximately 9:30 a.m., our patrol division responded to a call for service at Wayne Farms. The officers arrived on scene where they did discover a child between the ages of two and four that had been left unintended accidentally by her guardian inside a vehicle."

Bounds said the child was left in the car for about an hour and a half and was unharmed.

The child was later returned to her parents.

Bounds said "I haven't gotten her relationship with the child. I know that she had custody of the child and had been staying with her that night prior. My understanding from the investigation so far is that she's not accustomed to having the third child. And that child had fell asleep on the very back seat of an SUV. And she didn't see the child back there and forgot the child was with her."

Bounds said no arrest have been made yet and it's up to the grand jury to decide whether or not they will charge the suspect with a crime.



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