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Hattiesburg-Laurel airport sustains damage after March floods

JONES COUNTY, Miss. - The Hattiesburg-Laurel airport sustained serious damage after the early March floods. The heavy rainfall has caused a landslide in the front property of the airport, adjacent to a bakery.

Executive Director of the airport, Tom Heanue, mentioned that repairs can cost up to $200,000.

Heanue is working with FEMA, Jones and Forrest county board of supervisors to fill in the landslide.

According to Heanue, FEMA will repair up to 75% of the damage.

"We do not want this to occur again, you know taxpayers do not want to keep paying and paying" said Heanue.

Heanue further mentioned that the 25% will be split between the state, Jones, and Forrest county board finances.

Forrest county Board Supervisor, David Hogan, mentioned that the airport is a driving economic factor for the Pine Belt.

Hogan said, "We have and will continue to support the efforts out at the airport. It is a small price to pay to help keep that economic engine rolling."

Heanue anticipates the repairs to begin within 90 days.



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