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"A Night in Italy"

Hattiesburg, Miss. - The Children's Center teamed up with the Hattiesburg Rotary Club for the 12th annual "A Night in Italy" fundraiser Tuesday night and various people had a blast.

USM Children’s Center director, Sarah Case-Price said, "Several of our families were there throughout the evening rotating in and out eating with the community. So the Rotary members and the other members of the community that came to dine with us got to see our families and got to interact with the recipients of the Children Center Services and see the impact that we make."

But the Children's Center kind of ran into a problem during the middle of the night.

Case- Price said "we did run out of sauce, but according to those who were affected said well that's a good problem. Thank you for what you do here's my donation. So we were pleased with the response of the few people who did not get their spaghetti dinner."

Case-Price said more than a thousand people showed up for the fundraiser and they will tally up the donations soon.



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