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LPD will host its annual Officer Memorial on Thursday

Laurel, Miss. - The Laurel Police Department is planning its annual Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Ceremony and one officer shared his thoughts on why the ceremony is important to him.

Laurel Police Officer, Cpt. Tommy Cox said, "Well it's just a time for our officers nationwide and the public in general to reflect on the officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty during the previous year. That number is always to high. We'd like for it to be zero. We want to remember the ones who paid the ultimate price.”

“I know in some of our local jurisdictions, even right down the road in Hattiesburg has you know had unfortunately officers killed within the last year and it affects officers everywhere. So this is the time for us to reflect upon that, said Cox."

The memorial will be held at the Laurel Police Department Thursday at 10 a.m.



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