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Package leaks at Purvis post office, 1 employee sent to hospital

PURVIS, Miss. - A punctured package at the Purvis United States Postal Service (USPS) leaked gas Thursday morning. Employees noticed a package that was releasing some type of respiratory irritant.

The post office was temporarily shut down as the Beaver Lake, Pine Ridge, and Purvis fire department investigated the package.

Beaver Lake Fire Chief Andrew Pylant mentioned inside the package was an aerosal can. The department cleared the post office to air it out for any remaining irritant.

Chief Pylant said 1 employee was sent to the hospital by an ambulance and the other 2 employees went to see their family physician.

All three employees were having trouble breathing. He said, "It was not supposed to be mailed by the postal service, whoever had shipped it, should have had to sign a waiver, that they're not supposed to be transmitting hazardous materials through the postal service."

Chief Pylant added that the department and employees do not know how the package was punctured.

The postal service is handling the case and the package was released to the receiver.



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