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HPD working to decrease assaults, community participation welcomed

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Two people are injured after a shooting on 4th street Saturday night in front of Dynasty Hair Salon. The Hattiesburg Police Department is doing all they can to keep crime rate at a near low.

Lieutenant Jon Traxler said, "The suspects arrived at the scene with a vehicle, we are still trying to get information on it." According to authorities the two suspects stepped out of the car and shot the two victims on the arm and leg.

HPD is working to catch the two suspects involved with the shooting, but their overall goal is to decrease aggravated assaults in the city.

Since January 2016 the department has documented 9 aggravated assaults, which consists of shootings, stabbings, and anything falling under physical harm.

"We increase patrols in the area, we look at crimes statistically and determine how we do our patrolling" said Lt. Traxler. He added, "If we need to bring in extra people to work extra shifts, things like that."

The department studies data and the types of crimes occurring in certain situations, the information helps officers focus on certain areas.

He further said, "There is no way to have a police officer in every neighborhood everyday, 24 hours a day."

Citizens can participate to protect Hattiesburg too. Lt. Traxler mentioned its a collaborative effort between the department, city, and citizens to prevent crime.

Lt. Traxler said, "In fact each one of our captains are assigned to a particular neighborhood association, they check with them on a weekly basis."

The Neighborhood Watch Association and HPD have been working together for a number of years and is a great asset to the department.

"Sometimes before we can even call them, they've called's definitely a positive thing" said Traxler. He added, "They talk to people in their own neighborhoods to see what is going on and what they can do to make it better."

In an effort to raise awareness the city will kickoff their yearly 'Neighborhood Watch' event on July 28.

If you would like your neighborhood to be part of the program, you can contact Maxine Hall at (601) 554-1005.

You can contact HPD for any information on the Saturday night shooting.



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