City council moves forward with first spray field lease

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Hattiesburg City Council approved the city's first piece of land to build the land application waste water spray field.

The council approved leasing 16th section land from the Forrest County school district Tuesday.

City council President, Kim Bradley said the city will lease over 600 acres of land for a period of 30 years for $80,000. The city will pay the school district $40,000 twice a year.

Bradley said, "Its an unbelievable deal, if we are able to lease the whole 8 thousand acres, and pay that kind of price it will be really awesome."

He said leasing the land from the school district will help enhance its timber economy. The spray field will help fertilize the land and produce more harvest.

"The leases that the district currently receives are no where near $80,000 a year, there's just a couple of hunting camps" said Bradley.

The city has until August to require all the land by lease to build the land application, if not the current lease will cancel and the council will have to look into different options.

Bradley said, "If we are not able to identify that land and get it sewed up here..then we are going to have to go to plan C, which is move away from the land application system, and build a mechanical treatment system."

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