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Keg and Barrel owner donates $25K to 'See Spot Run' dog park

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Keg and Barrel owner donated $25K to the almost built 'See Spot Run' dog park on West Pine today.

Local businessman, John Neal said it was a no brainer to get involved and give back to the community that has made his business successful.

Neal said Keg and Barrel is a dog friendly restaurant and bar. "It just kind of goes with the theme of the bar and restaurant, I think we are the first place in Hattiesburg that allowed animals outside" said Neal.

Representative Toby Barker said the park has been under construction for two years and the generous donation will speed up the building process.

The park's goal is to raise at least $150K and currently the Pinebelt Community Foundation said its raised $124,349.10.

Rep. Barker said, "This park downtown will serve as an anchor to both downtown and the avenues, its also going to be a quality of life for young professionals and other residents of any age."

Board member of the Southern Pines Animal Shelter, James Moore said most people in Hattiesburg live in apartments or have very small yards, and with the soon-to-be park dogs can have a quality of life.

Moore said, "This allows you to responsibly adopt a new pet into your home and have a place where you can walk him and let him have a good quality experience."

He added, "I think it will increase our already high release rate by giving residents better options for pet ownership."

Rep. Barker said he wants to raise another $15K and hopes to see the park open late Summer or early Fall.



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