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Wayne county authorities net 6 in drug roundup

WAYNE COUNTY, Miss. - The Wayne County Sheriff's Department arrested 6 drug dealers this week. Wayne County Sheriff Jody Ashley said the department's operation began early Tuesday morning.

Authorities said they were after these drug dealers for months and expect more arrests in the following weeks.

These are the following 6 people in custody:

Alterryal Jawina Harris is charged with sale of cocaine.

Monica Lynn Maxcey is charged with one count of selling a controlled substance, distribution and possession.

Rachel Nicole Allgood is charged with a controlled substance, enhanced sale of drugs near a church

Kristopher Ricardo Taylor is charged with two counts of selling a controlled substance, transfer and distribution and possession of more than 1 oz of marijuana.

Larry S. Turner is charged with controlled substance-sell, transfer, and distribution.

Elmer Lamar Holifield is charged with two counts of selling a controlled substance, transfer and distribution.

"We received complaints that they were selling...we were able to get the information and get what we needed to arrest them" said Sheriff Ashley.

The narcotics team arrested the 6 drugs dealers spread throughout Wayne County who were selling crystal meth, spice, cocaine, and marijuana. Also, during the raid they found $1,200.

Sheriff Ashley said, "They take things on trade, so if a person that is bad on drugs, will more likely go out and steal and trade for drugs."

1 out of the 6 drug dealers, Larry S. Turner, turned himself in Wednesday morning. Authorities contacted him at his home and business, but were not successful.

Sheriff Ashley said that his family members assisted in turning himself in as they knew he was selling drugs.

The department's effort in getting rid of drugs has decreased the crime rate. Sheriff Ashley added, "They (department) were doing four years ago almost 15 burglaries a week, where we are cutting it in half, we have very few burglaries."

He said that 99% of their murders in Wayne County are drug related.

The department said they will continue the war against drugs.



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