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Chief Deputy Bolton replaced on Forrest General Hospital board, unanimous decision

FORREST COUNTY, Miss. - The Forrest county Board of Supervisors unanimously appointed a new member to the Forrest General Hospital (FGH) Board of Trustees.

Kate Aseme, a local surgeon, will replace Chief Deputy Charles Bolton's position. Bolton's position was expired Monday and Board President David Hogan said, "Well right now he is faced with some personal issues that he needs to get worked out."

Bolton's position with the hospital came under scrutiny after he and his wife, Linda Bolton, were served a 10-count indictment in federal court for tax evasion in March.

Officials discussed on Monday with Mr. Bolton about the decision. "We discussed it with Mr. Bolton and this was the decision that we made and everybody was in agreement with it" said Hogan.

Bolton served on the FGH board for 15 years and kept an open communication with the supervisors said Hogan.

Hogan added that Aseme will be a great asset to the board. "She has been a surgeon for several decades now and is very talented and she expressed a willingness to serve on the hospital board" Hogan said.

Late March the couple pleaded not guilty to the indictment charges.

Bolton's trial is rescheduled in July.



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