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Bobby L. Chain Municipal Airport to receive renovations

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Hattiesburg City Council approved to pay the engineering consulting firm ARE around $83,450.24 to evaluate and design a taxiway extension airport.

City Council President Kim Bradley said the Hattiesburg airport needs the renovations. "You know you get a multi-million dollar plane running up and down that runway and taxiway" said Bradley.

He said the money will allow larger planes to come into the airport and have complete access. Bradley said, "It is just an expansion to have the airport serve all of our needs."

The airport renovations will benefit companies and business owners. "We've got companies that come in and use that airport that have businesses in the Industrial Park and that is one of the first things they will see in this airport access to and from Hattiesburg" Bradley said.

Bradley stressed the expansion is vital to show business owners how their company can prosper in Hattiesburg.

He added, "We got Kohler Co. that comes in two times a month in a very large airplane and they are coming here to be in there plant to do these events they have to do." Bradley further said, "We want this to be the red carpet to Hattiesburg."

City Council is also in the process of a lighting and landing project for the airport said Bradley.



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