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Mayor Magee is excited for the "Free State of Jones" movie to come out

LAUREL, Miss. - Hollywood has made a film called "Free State of Jones," based on stories about Newt Knight in the midst of the Civil War.

Mayor of Laurel, Johnny Magee said, "Newt Knight was a rebel. He deserted the Confederate Army because he did not agree with the fight against slavery."

Knight intermingled with African-Americans in the community.

But that's not the only thing that made various Caucasians upset.

Magee said "rumors and then some people say fact that he had a Black family and a White family."

Magee is fond of Knight's courageous actions he made in that time-period.

"The fact that he has a band of Blacks and Whites together fighting against what they felt like were the ills of the Confederacy. And I think that shows that even in 1860's that Blacks and Whites were working together, said Magee."

It's been almost two centuries since the Civil War ended and Magee believes that this movie will help showcase the strides Jones County made since that time-period.

"I think there are always people who look for the bad side. They try to find the negative. But I think the majority of the people are looking for the positive and they've realized the strides that we made in race-relations, not only in Jones County, but nationwide, said Magee."

"But it will put Jones County on the map and I think that's going to be good for all of us, said Magee."

Magee said some Jones County residents played extras in the movie.

The movie will be released in theaters on June 24.



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