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Seminary police department receives antidote drug rescue kit

SEMINARY, Miss. - The Seminary Police Department are now equipped with Naloxone Rescue Kits. Naloxone or Narcan is an antidote drug designed to reverse the effects of opioid overdoses.

According to Seminary Police Chief, Michael Kelly, Narcan has been proven to save lives. He said, "Medical professionals said this will counteract the opium and the victim will start to regain consciousness."

He added, "So many times we are the first people on the scene, we beat first responders, we beat the ambulance service there."

As of right now the department only has 1 rescue kit. Each kit costs around $40 and officers plan on purchasing more kits for each police car in the near future.

He said having the rescue kit on hand will save the victim some time before they are seen by a medical professional.

Chief Kelly said its as easy as administering an epipen and all officers are in the process of being properly trained to administer the antidote.

"Our policy is we give 1 milligram and within 3 to 5 minutes if that 1 milligram does not work then we will give another milligram, but that's it" said Chief Kelly.

The department hopes that having this antidote rescue kit will positively influence surrounding law enforcement agencies to purchase them too.

"If we can have that piece of equipment that can help someone's life and we are covered in using that equipment legally I believe we are offering that service to the community" Chief Kelly said.



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