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$75k worth of marijuana stopped in Wayne county

WAYNE COUNTY, Miss. - Wayne county officials found $75,000 worth of marijuana during a routine traffic stop.

Michael A. Trejo, 49 of Texas, was arrested on Highway 84 East Wednesday afternoon by WCSD Narcotics Officer Macy Torrey.

Authorities said Trejo was stopped for weaving on the road while talking on his cell phone.

Chief Deputy Mike Mozingo said, "Field investigation occurred and obtained consented search of the vehicle."

Trejo gave permission, and Torrey, along with WCSD officer Jamey Beard, Alex the drug dog, and Narcotics Officer Johnny Smith and Sheriff Jody Ashley found 71 pounds of marijuana hidden in the vehicle.

Mozingo added, "The drugs were in vacuum sealed containers to keep the drugs dogs from being able to smell the odor."

Authorities believe Trejo was on a mission. "He is clearly a trafficker" said Mazingo. He added, "The drugs are bought and they have people that have mules to haul it to get it to Point A to Point B."

Trejo was booked in the Wayne County Adult Detention Center and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Wayne county officials will continue to fight against drugs in the county.

The case will be given to the July Wayne County Grand Jury.



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