Laurel-Jones county library celebrates summer reading program finale

LAUREL, Miss. - It was a fun filled day for the students and parents of the Laurel-Jones county Library's summer reading program. Children enjoyed their summer reading finale at the Laurel Sports Complex Thursday afternoon.

A local parent told FOX 23, "My children enjoy reading books so this has been a lot of fun for them" said Katie Santos, mother of three.

The students enjoyed cooling off on the water fountains and 10-foot water slides. Manager of the summer reading program, Michelle Anderson-Jones said it was a well deserved treat.

All 3,000 kids in the program read a total sum of 10,000 books. Jones said the goal of the program is to foster the kids' reading skills during summer break.

"It is to keep them from the summer slide, it helps them with those who are having trouble reading and to help them get ahead" said Jones.

Additionally, "It is to help those get back on track and those who are up to speed to possibly go ahead and advance in the summer" she said.

Another parent said it is a great educational program, which also fosters social skills. Della Brown said she has a 7-year-old girl and recently had a baby.

"She kind of complains about not having anyone to play with...she enjoys being with kids her age...she has learned a lot from them too" said Brown.

Lukas Santos, 4, explained to FOX 23 his favorite insect book he read during the summer.

"He eats to much food...then he turns fat...then he turns into a cocoon...and he comes out a butterfly, a pretty one" said Santos.

While soaking up knowledge in the summer heat, parents said the program has left a lasting imprint on their children.

To learn more about the program and future events you can click here.

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