Local woman faces 2nd DUI charge

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - One local woman is now in jail after driving under the influence Saturday afternoon.

Hattiesburg Police Officer, Lt. Jon Traxler said, "It is the second incident where she's been involved in a crash where she was DUI resulting in serious bodily injury or death."

In 2009, Darlena Mickel, 34, was involved in an accident that killed two-year-old Jason Kelly Jr.

Mickel was arrested for DUI and was later indicted in 2010. Mickel completed her conviction order and was placed on post-release supervision for five years.

But now, she is facing a similar situation.

"It was here on Edwards Street, not far from the police station. Two-vehicle crash. We were called to the scene. We got there, we did find her and some other people that was injured in the vehicles," said Traxler.

Officials said four people were injured in the crash, and one of those injured was Mickel's two-year-old son, who was transported to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

"Some people do learn, some people do not. Whenever you have a person who is involved in a crash where a person is killed, that's even worst. Based on their punishment, ultimately they should be in jail doing time for that. So hopefully they do learn from it," said Traxler.

Traxler said Mickel is charged with DUI first offense, DUI child endangerment, and DUI death or disfigurement.

Traxler said the department is checking-in on the child in Jackson daily and is hanging on.

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