Wayne county community prays for Dallas and local law enforcement

WAYNE COUNTY, Miss. - The recent deaths in Dallas sparked national attention, even locally in Wayne county.

The community gathered in front of the Wayne county courthouse Monday morning to pray for Dallas and all law enforcement.

Community attendee Jerry Powe said, "We just want to let them know we appreciate what they do each and ever day, as they protect us and serve us every day."

Pastors from multiple churches each said a prayer for first responders. One local pastor said prayer is what makes the community strong during national tragedies.

"We pray for great reconciliation, that we can come together as a nation" said Pastor Steve Smith.

Community attendee Sumi Singh sad, "It is a cry for help to God, to come down and just inspire us all, especially the officers who have the strength to do what they do everyday."

Law enforcement officials mentioned they are humbled that those they serve are grateful of their presence, in a time where they feel authorities are preyed.

Wayne county Officer Courtney Mcgrew said, "We do not see this a lot and I am really happy and thankful that they took the time out of their day to come out and and pray for us."

Sheriff Jody Ashley added, "We are grateful that police came out and support us today and they are praying for law enforcement, and that is what we need in law enforcement, community support."

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