Jefferson Davis County receives EF-1 tornado

JEFFERSON DAVIS, Miss. - An EF-1 tornado hit Jefferson Davis County Sunday evening and effected multiple areas.

One of areas was Lucas Tabernacle Church and the other is a neighborhood close by.

Resident, Yvonne Wilson said, "It's still hard for me to talk about it because I came so close to the whole roof falling in on me that I could feel the air come by my back as I was turning down to go down the hall. It's something you'll never forget and I'm still devastated by it."

Wilson said there was no tornado warning and the noise from the tornado sounded like a train.

"I went in the bathroom and the top blew up in that bathroom and the rain start coming down, so I moved back in the hallway. And by that time, it was over with," said Wilson.

Wilson's home wasn't the only one effected.

Resident, Essie Bowens said, "The roof is off on one side. I lost my air conditioning unit. The lights are off the wires, the trees are in the yard, and all my patio furniture is somewhere in the woods."

It was a scary moment for those affected, but they believed something more powerful than the tornado kept everyone safe.

"Anybody in this type of situation, you just need to pray, keep the faith, and believe and know in your heart that God will bring you through," said Wilson.

Bowens said she wants to thank the church for helping her with her house.

Jocelyn Ragsdale, Jefferson Davis County Emergency Management director said no one was injured or killed in the storm.

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