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Hattiesburg, Laurel citizens compete in Blood Bowl

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Many people from the Hattiesburg and Laurel community participated in the 5th annual Blood Bowl Tuesday.

Donor recruitment representative, Beverly Clark said, "Our local hospitals are operating with a less than a one-day blood supply, so thanks to all of these donors, they are the one's that's going to make a difference right here in Jones County."

A major difference between Hattiesburg and Laurel is that the Laurel community is 4-0 in the Blood Bowl.

"We're planning on winning again and with all these donors I've got waiting, if this keeps up, we'll do great," said Clark.

But, Hattiesburg is not trying to lose again.

Donor recruitment representative, Shannon Chatham said, "We're going to change it this year. Come on Hattiesburg, we can do it. I had people waiting for us here at 7 o'clock this morning and we didn't start til' 9, so that just shows excellent community involvement."

There were several citizens who stepped up today for this great cause.

Donor, James Kinsey said, "When I was in the military, they probably drawn five gallons of blood. Then later on, I got to where I wasn't doing it, so I decided it's about time to start doing it again. Maybe we can beat Laurel."

Clark said they will tally up the units of blood on Friday to determine who won this year's Blood Bowl.



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