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Mississippi Power teaching local kids ways to save energy

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club received a handful of tips Tuesday from Mississippi Power. Mississippi Power taught these kids several ways to become energy efficient at home.

Mississippi Power's Energy Efficient Education Representative, Tamara Proctor said, "It is good to start developing good habits young, that is why we reach out to younger students."

The organization visits local summer camps across the state to help educate children about the importance of being energy efficient and what it does for a family and environment.

Proctor said kids will carry the tips today into their adult life. "When they go out and get their own house, they have bills they have to pay, and it will be a lot easier for them to make that adjustment" said Proctor.

The campers learn how long their showers should be, a thermostat's level, changing light bulbs and filters.

Prentiss Woodland said, "I am going to tell my mom what she told us, to put the thermostat at 78 degrees."

Kamiala Epting added, "I learn to change our filters, because our filters are dirty."

Mississippi Power said when families change their energy saving habits, they will see more saving in their account.

"If all of their money is going towards paying bills or other expenses, there is no money to do fun things" Proctor said.

For both Prentiss and Kamiala saving money means giving back to their community.

Prentiss said, "Help the homeless, help the Salvation Army because they feel needed, like we do, and they do not have everything we have."

Kamiala added, "Give back to Salvation Army because they do so much for us, why can't I just return it."

The students were able to take home energy efficient light bulbs, shower times, and an LED nightlight to share with their family.



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