Local day care diligently working to keep mosquitoes away from kids

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - People affected with Zika are rising throughout the country.

The importance of mosquito safety is critical, and one local day care is making sure to keep its children away from mosquitoes as much as possible.

Jeff Leffler, USM’s Center for Child Development executive director said, "We are looking to make sure that there's not any of that water that would be incubating them for them to be present. But if they are, then we're moving the children away, and then seeking out our pest control services."

Leffler said they check the playgrounds every morning to make sure it's safe before the children play outside.

But, that's not the only method to prevent mosquito bites from happening.

"We depend on the parents working with us to help us make sure that the children are kept safe. We do recommend that the parents provide an insect repellent," said Leffler.

Leffler said the day care has not had any mosquito problems in the past and is diligently working to keep it that way.

Leffler said children under the age of two months should not wear mosquito repellent, but it is fine for older children.

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