Couple dead in Wayne county murder-suicide, family speaks

WAYNE COUNTY, Miss. - Wayne county authorities responded to a murder-suicide Saturday. The incident occurred at 2 p.m. on 347 Big Creek Road. Officials said the victims were identified as Jonathon and Paula Cochran.

Authorities said Jonathon's best friend made the call to 911, after he found out Jonathon shot his wife.

Wayne county Sheriff Jody Ashley said, "We received a call, that he (Jonathon) shot his wife at this address and was attempting to shoot himself."

Sheriff Ashley added, "I met one of his good friends at the scene, he let me know he was still in the house armed with a gun and shot his wife several times."

Officials called Jonathon from inside the house to ask him to surrender.

"Just asked him to come out, to give himself up" said Sheriff Ashley. Sheriff Ashley said one of the chief deputies at the scene happened to know Jonathon.

"He knew Jonathon, asked him to give up and just come outside" Sheriff Ashley added. After several minutes of negotiations with Jonathon, deputies heard a gun shot.

"We entered inside the house and we found his wife deceased and himself deceased" added Sheriff Ashley.

Officials and family members said Jonathan and Paula were in the process of a divorce. Sheriff Ashley said, "They were going through a divorce which I understand, and that's some of the motive you know leading up to this."

Jonathan's aunt, Carolyn Cochran, and cousin, Ruby Millican live down the street from the couple. Both mentioned they are still in shock.

"Could not believe it, just could not believe that it happened" said Cochran and Millican.

Cochran said before Jonathon shot himself he told the deputy, "He told Cliff on his phone to pray for his children and grandchildren because he knew he was leaving them behind."

Authorities said both Jonathon and Paula's children were not home during the incident.

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