Mayor Magee, Mayor DuPree weigh-in on the "Little Brown Jug"

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The annual "Little Brown Jug" is going down Saturday and it's not just the players who are talking trash.

Mayor of Hattiesburg, Johnny DuPree said, "Our whole season is about one game when it comes to Laurel. We have those other people that we play. But our whole game, our whole season comes down to Laurel and the 'Little Brown Jug.' They can do all this other stuff, and they can talk smack, but we got the Jug."

Mayor of Laurel, Johnny Magee said, "Mayor DuPree has issued a mighty bold statement that Hattiesburg was going to win, 28-14. The mayor is delusional. I know he means well, I know he wants to represent his city well, but he is delusional. He is evidently not taking some type of medicine that makes his memory lapse."

Unfortunately, Laurel has not had the jug in a while.

"Well I don't have anything for Mayor Magee. I think we've proven what we can do. Every year he comes out with all these little clichés and he talks about what they're going to do. Proof is in the pudding. We have that little jug sitting right outside. It's been there for the last two years and is going to continue to do that," said DuPree.

But, Laurel recently came off a 31-0 win against Quitman and Hattiesburg loss their season opener to Petal, by a score of 56-42.

Magee said "we want to add to that misery by putting another loss on them. We blew out our opponents last week. They didn't even score. They didn't get into the end zone."

"We were practicing. Everybody has to have a practice and we were practicing on Petal. Now we bring Laurel in and we're going to send them back to the Tornado Country," said DuPree.

Mayor Magee predicts Laurel to beat Hattiesburg, 14-7.

DuPree said "I'd hate for him to burn gas to come to Hattiesburg. I'd really hate for him to spend his time doing that."

"Mayor DuPree, don't claim you can't find the jug. Don't claim that it's locked up in the safe and you don't know the combination. Please just hand it to the coaches and the players. Let us bring it back to Laurel where it belongs," said Magee.

The game will begin at 7 p.m. at Hattiesburg High.

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