Game of the Week: West Marion vs. Seminary

SEMINARY, Miss. - It's Homecoming week for Seminary, but their Homecoming game will not be an easy one as they take on the Trojans of West Marion.

Semianry head coach, Brian Rials said, "The last several years at halftime, it's either been tied or you know one or two points one way or the other. Coach (Brad) Duncan and I went into halftime just kind of shaking our heads at each other saying, 'man here we go again.' And I expect it to be that type of game again this year."

West Marion averaged ten wins per season in the last six years.

The Trojans lost their All-State Quarterback, two All-District receivers, and an All-District running back last year.

"Just as much as you hear that losing breeds losing, winning does the same thing for you. Once you believe you can win, those guys start coming through," said West Marion head coach, Brad Duncan.

The Trojans are on a six-game winning streak and are led by their quarterback, Adrian Miller, who has 29 touchdowns in just seven games.

"I worked hard for it. I knew it was going to happen. I ain't know I was going to be quarterback in my position. But in the summer, I worked out real hard. I worked out every single day. It wasn't a day I didn't work out," said Miller.

The leader of the Bulldogs defense will do what he can to limit Miller's production.

Seminary running back/linebacker, Felix McCullum said, "I trust our defensive line, just get pressure on him pretty good. I'll probably talk to him sometime this week. I know him and been playing against him since freshman year. But he's pretty good, just try to contain him."

McCullum is also Seminary's key running back who helps contribute in the Bulldogs rushing attack.

"I've known him for a long time. I'd say we're best friends. We've got a good relationship on and off the field. So it's a privilege," said Seminary left guard, Reilly Reardon.

West Marion defensive lineman, Garry Martin said, "If we make them second guess, they have nothing else to go to. Got to cause destruction in the middle. Once you get the middle blowned up and stuff, they can't go nowhere. They ain't got nowhere to run to."

Kickoff will be on Friday at 7 p.m. at Seminary High School.

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