PCS, breaking school records

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Presbyterian Christian (PCS) defeated Jackson Prep, 28-16 last week.

Jackson Prep was 29-0 before they suffered that lost.

Head coach, Joey Hawkins said, "We're so proud. This team has worked so hard. It's not been a one-year deal. These guys have put so much into it. Our ten seniors have been at this for a long time, putting everything they can into this program."

The Bobcats also beat Jackson Academy and Madison Ridgeland Academy, which is the first time in school history they have defeated these three Jackson teams in one season.

"We've got some talent. When you have talent, it sure makes you a lot better coach," said Hawkins.

The Bobcats are led by their star running back, Isaiah Woullard, who rushed for more than 3,000 yards last year.

Woullard is looking to prove the doubters wrong and help his team capture a championship.

"I just go out every day and just play my heart out you know? Every week, just prove to everyone whoever doubted me," said Woullard.

Woullard said he owes a lot of the credit to his o-line.

"He's always there for me. When he runs the ball, I'm right there for him. I do my best. I know he needs the yards and I'm going to get him there," said right tackle, Jared Clinton.

If there was one word to describe PCS, it would be.

"Just guts. They just play so hard. They love it. They care for one another. There's not a person on our team right here that cares about accolades. They just enjoy playing for PCS and try to get better every day," said Hawkins.

The Bobcats will play East Rankin Academy Friday.

PCS has clinched a bye in the first round of the playoffs.

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