Digital writing seminar, USM

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Educators from Mississippi's School of the Arts and from other schools across the state showed up to the Frances Karnes Center for Gifted Studies Tuesday.

Karnes Center interim director, Dr. Suzanne McKee-Waddell instructed a seminar called "Embracing Digital Writing for the Gifted Classroom" to the educators who participated in the seminar.

"We know that they have a lot of hurdles to overcome with red pens, discouraging stacks of papers. And the whole revising and editing process for the students goes on when the teachers go home. With the embracing of digital writing in the classroom, the teachers manage and control the writing with the revising and editing process right there in the classroom with their students. It's a win-win situation for everybody and the process that goes on in the classroom, not after the teacher leaves the classroom to revise and edit," said Waddell.

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