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Mississippi Named Among Most Overworked Police Forces in America

PINE BELT, MISSISSIPPI - According to an online report by SafeWise, Mississippi is ranked number 7 with the most overworked police officers in America.

The report said all findings are based off of 2014 FBI crime statistics, Census data, and analysis by the SafeWise team.

"While there are a lot factors that impact crime rates—police tactics, poverty levels, population density, demographics, etc.—this map is here to demonstrate the hefty workload American police officers have on their plates each year" said SafeWise.

SafeWise said the Magnolia state has four officers for every 1,000 residents—or 297 people per cop.

".Mississippi reported about 193,00 property and violent crimes in 2014, and each officer handled an average of 15.26 crimes. Mississippi also has the lowest median household income in the nation (year to year), which has been shown to correlate with more crime" reported SafeWise.

SafeWise findings continued, "In Mississippi’s case, it was also the worst state for annual property crime in 2014—84.58 crimes per capita—so perhaps financial stress and a large percentage of people living below the poverty line added to this problem."

Michigan was ranked number 1 for the most overworked police force.



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