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Kindness Foundation's annual fundraiser

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Kindness Foundation is having its annual fundraiser and will sale paintings from the "Art for Eternity" collection.

Executive director, Jennifer West said, "The art was painted by public school students in Russia and it's through the influence of the Kindness Foundation."

West said they have been giving bibles to students in Russia for over 20 years.

These students enter biblical art competitions and the winning pieces are given to the Kindness Foundation.

"The main thing that speaks to me, to anyone when you look at the paintings is the universal language of art. What they’re seeing from the bible stories that they study are the same things that we're learning about our faith, our Lord. And they're using their wonderful talents to display what they've learned about the bible verses," said West.

If you want to purchase paintings from the "Art of Eternity," click here.



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