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MDOT says rain and drought damaging roads

PINE BELT, Miss. - The drought in Mississippi has caused the roads and highways to slowly deteriorate and crack. According to Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) Sixth District Engineer, Kelly Castleberry the sudden rainfall will add to that damage too.

“What happens is the clay contracts, there is a void that opens up in there, and water gets in there, and it has the potential to carry out from underneath the roadway" said Castleberry.

Castleberry said the drought has caused the roads to lose moisture which damages the roads. “What happens is there is clay soil underneath that roadway, and it contracts, and when that clay oil contracts, the roadway will begin to crack and drop off a little bit" he said.

The drought and rain are both working against the roads, but MDOT is budgeting to make sure it repairs the damages.

“We will ultimately try to go out and try to seal those cracks we will try to do an asphalts overlay at that particular location and then try to program funds in the future" Castleberry said.

He said motorists should drive safely and be patient as the repairs are only temporary.

"Main thing for motorists to kinda just be aware, MDOT crews are out and we are monitoring the locations that we know have this issue, they will see temporary repairs at the location, and it may be such that there is just an asphalt patch that is put over that side" he said.

He continued, "But motorists need to be aware of that until we go back through and level it our properly, but follow the speed limit, obey the rules of the road and they should be fine."



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