Online shopping safety

PINE BELT, Miss. - The holiday season has many people shopping online.

But, some people may not be aware of the dangers when it comes to online activity.

John O’Hara, CEO of Better Business Bureau said, "You have to be careful if you're shopping online on open Wi-Fi, because that information is out there. You want to make sure when you're making a purchase, it's good to look and glance and maybe check prices. But, actually doing that purchase should be done on a secured website, because people can steal your credit card information, your personal information. And then, you could become a victim of identity theft."

O'Hara said there were 20-25 complaints last year of people never receiving their items.

O'Hara also said people should purchase online items with their credit cards instead of debit cards, because if a person is a victim of a scam, they have recourse with the credit card company.

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